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Warehouse 'super low'
Warehouse 'super low'
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Warehouse 'super low'

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stream it, etc: https://ffm.to/superlow

01. Oscillator 
02. Exit Only 
03. Simultaneous Contrasts
04. Arbitrarium V
05. Super Low 
06. Audrey Horne 
07. Reservoir 
08. Long Exposure 
09. Modifier Analog 
10. Garden Walls 

First pressing of the record is on emerald green vinyl. Release date September 30 2016.

Taking inspiration from the 1980's Athens, GA scene (Pylon, R.E.M., The B-52's) and having a mutual taste for Stereolab and Abstract Expressionist visual art, Warehouse invoke a post-punk style characterized by the spidery and interlocking guitar riffs of Alex Bailey and Ben Jackson, filled by the effortless drums of Doug Bleichner and the agile racing bass riffs of Josh Hughes. The full and textural sound provides a unique body for vocals, added by Elaine Edenfield, whose lyrics can be described as sidewinding and oblique, oscillating quickly between melodicism and contrary roughness, using vocals as more of a physical tool of expression than as a glossy harmony to the sound.

‘super low’ is a more concise continuation of ‘Tesseract,’ while still carrying the prior album's organic and wildly sprawling nature. Largely written in a notorious punk house that was torn down to build a parking garage, the album was finished in a new environment: across from a food mart called 'super low.' The title connotes stark change, but it also hints at the additional psychological undertones of the album's meaning, to move down into more darkly subconscious and deeply endogenous areas of yourself in order to work through them and out. Also contrastingly literal, it denotes Warehouse's self-evident, uncontrived and rough-around-the-edges nature.