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Lionlimb 'Shoo'

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01. God Knows
02. Domino
03. Ride
04. Tinman
05. Lemonade
06. Hung
07. Turnstile
08. Blame Time
09. Wide Bed
10. Just Because
11. Crossroad

Limited edition LP of 'Shoo' is pressed on yellow & white swirl vinyl and comes with a poster.

Release date: March 4, 2016

‘Shoo’ is the debut album from Lionlimb, the project of songwriter Stewart Bronaugh and drummer Joshua Jaeger. The record is a collection of songs Bronaugh wrote between 2012 and 2015 while living in Chicago, San Francisco, and Nashville. After returning from an Australian tour playing guitar and drums in Angel Olsen’s band, Lionlimb began recording ‘Shoo’ in 2015 with Robin Eaton. Bronaugh and Jaeger started by tracking live drums and piano, and then for weeks Bronaugh filled up reel after reel, layering compulsively over their recordings. In the spring, Bronaugh and Eaton began the task of peeling away the layers. The resulting sessions proved to be a departure from the duo’s previous recordings with a shift toward jazz, rock and soul with the addition of saxophone and Fender rhodes. The album’s influences can be traced back to Miles Davis’ ‘On the Corner’, Jack London, Schumann, Elliott Smith, and Jackson Pollock.

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